ASX announcements overload

Investing and trading confidently and profitably on the stock market is challenging enough, let alone keeping track of all 2,200+ publicly listed companies on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). Every day, hundreds of ASX announcements are processed and released across the ASX, making it a tough task to spot the important announcements worthy of your time and attention.

This was a major challenge I faced as a trader. I would spend day time sifting through charts and hours at night time sifting through countless company announcements. I knew there would be a better way to spend my time and energy and created databases and systems to collate and organise information to suit my needs. Now my piles of spreadsheets and databases have morphed into this website and I have completely changed the way I consume ASX announcements each day.

ASXanns.com organises official ASX company announcements published on the selected date into key categories to help investors and traders better identify announcements that are material to themselves and save time. Announcement information is compiled using publicly available data and each announcement is sorted into one or more categories using various algorithms and parameters. As results are not manually checked by a person, announcements may be incorrectly categorised or missing from the website altogether.

asxanns.com was launched in April 2018. I hope the website can:

  • Get more people interested in reading ASX announcements as a routine part of their investing processes; and
  • Save investors time and frustration with their research efforts.

Happy trading!

That’s enough from me. Thanks for visiting ASXanns.com

If you find my website useful, please spread the word as I’ll only continue to invest my personal time and money into this project if it proves useful to the broader online trading community. If you have any feedback or would like to contribute ideas, I’d love to hear from you on Twitter via @awkwardTrader or @asxanns.

Happy trading.